"Internal audit organization and operation"

The internal audit is an independent unit and is directly affiliated to the board of directors; it reports the audit business to independent directors on a regular basis and reports regulary at the board meeting.

Internal Auditing - Inspecting the internal control system to measure the effectiveness and compliance of existing policies and procedures, assisting the board and management to check and review the lack of internal control systems and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and provide timely suggestions for improvement To ensure the continuous and effective implementation of the internal control system and to review the basis of the internal control system. Internal audits assist the board of directors and management to achieve their stated goals by assessing and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and supervision processes.

Company Memorandum & Amendments

"I Company reporting system"

If employees of the company discovered corporate governance violation, such as the Code of Good Practice, they can report to the General Manager of the General Management Office by telephone or e-mail or in person. The company is absolutely confidential about the identity of the one who pressed the charges and the contents of the report. If it is verified that there are violations of the integrity management regulations, it will be punished according to the seriousness of the circumstances and reward the informant.

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