APrevent is a medical device company, founded in 2013 by a team of international clinically experienced physicians and engineers. APrevent's products improve voice and communication, focusing on the development of a long- term implant system and speech conversion platform for patients with glottic insufficiency and dysarthria.


APrevent has subsidiaries in two locations:

Austria (APrevent Biotech GmbH) - ISO 13485 certified for design, manufacturing, and sales

Taiwan (APrevent Medical Ltd.)


Our Vision

APrevent is dedicated to providing minimally invasive and innovative laryngeal implant and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies for voice & speech disorders, which are patient-orientated, physician friendly, and improve the quality of life for patients around the world.


  • AiSpeak Won 2020 Taipei Biotech Awards
  • 2020 APrevent VOIS received CE approval


  • 2019 Presentation in World phonosurgy (Buenos Aires)
  • 2019 Multicenter clinical trial IRB approval in Germany, Austria and Taiwan
  • 2019 Multicenter clinical trial start in Vienns, Austria
  • 2019 Complete 8 cases FIH study in Vienna


  • 2018 APrevent VOIS CE submission
  • 2018 APrevent VOIS FDA pre-submission
  • 2018 APrevent VOIS started FIH study in Vienna, Austria (8 patients) at AKH-Wien
  • 2018 Presentation in ELS London
  • 2018 AiSpeak prototype
  • 2018 Presentation in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park in Taiwan and meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen
  • 2018 Presentation in ShangHai Voice Forum
  • 2018 AiSpeak received IRB approval from Cleveland clinic for dysarthric speech collection
  • 2018 AiSpeak won the 15th National Innovation Awards in Taiwan
  • 2018 APrevent won the 17th Gold Award by Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan
  • 2018 APrevent won the 14th Golden torch Award in Taiwan
  • 2018 Moonshot project approved by Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan
  • 2018 Series C successfully raised 4 million USD


  • 2017 AiSpeak data base clouding development
  • 2017 APrevent VOIS won the Bio Taipei Award in Taiwan
  • 2017 APrevent VOIS final design freeze
  • 2017 Prensentation in Voice symposium Paris


  • 2016 APrevent VOIS completed in vivov animal study
  • 2016 APrevent Biotech GmbH is ISO13485 certified with scopes for design, manufacturing and selling
  • 2016 APrevent VOIS won the 13th National Innovation Awards in Taiwan
  • 2016 APrevent VOIS won the 2016 Potential Enterprise Award from EPOCH in Taiwan


  • 2015 Series B financing
  • 2015 APrevent VOIS prototype (1st)


  • 2014 Company established, Subsidiary in Taiwan (APrevent Medical Ltd.)
  • 2014 Series A financing