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Only one surgery is necessary to place the implant which can be noninvasively adjusted afterwards, according to each patient medical condition and specific needs.

It depends on each patient’s health condition. Two to three weeks on average are necessary for the wound to heal, regain a normal voice and eat normally.

There is no risk of chocking for the patient after the surgery. The size of the balloon implant is adjusted to perfectly fit each partient.

Before the surgery, each patient has to take a CT scan as well as a MRI examination. The surgeon will then be able to decide if the patient needs type I thyroplasty with or without a balloon implant and its exact size.

The patient has to consult a physician every six months as a routine medical examination. In case the patient feels unconfortable, he must consult immediately.

The implant is permanent. APrevent’s balloon implant boasts excellent biocompatibility with each patient.

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